VA Loan Regional Center Spotlight: Honolulu

Diamond Head, Honolulu, Hawaii
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When applying for a VA loan, it's important to remember that an appraiser is always required to estimate the true value of the home. Their decision affects the bottom line: the VA will only back a loan to the maximum value of the home. It may come as a surprise, but where you live can affect appraiser fees. The VA has a few regional loan centers that handle multiple states, and their standards set the bar on how much you pay for the appraiser to look at the home.

This week's regional center spotlight: Honolulu

The Loan Guaranty Division is responsible for the administration of the VA's Home Loan Benefit Program and for the Native American Direct Loan Program in the Pacific. The Division is also responsible for the administration of the guaranteed loan program.  For veterans with sufficient eligible service, the government will guarantee a participating lender that a loan secured by a mortgage on the home will be repaid by the veteran in a timely manner.  The division performs four unique functions in the administration of the program.  These functions are Construction and Valuation, Loan Processing, Loan Service and Property Management.

Regions Handled:

  • Hawaii
  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas
Home Type Current Appraisal Fee New Appraisal Fee Effective 1/1/2013
Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Liquidations $525.00 $650.00
Multi-Family Units - Two Units $625.00 $1,000.00
Multi-Family Units - Three Units $725.00


Multi-Family Units - Four Units $825.00


Complex Properties (i.e. oceanfront, custom built) N/A Negotiable
Iinspection Fees $150.00 $200.00
Geographic Area Current Timeliness Requirement New Timeliness Requirement Effective 1/1/2013
Oaho 10 Business Days

14 Business Days

Neighbor Islands (Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii) 11 Business Days 14 Business Days
Guam 12 Business Days 14 Business days

Contact Information:

Questions About Who to Contact
Appraisals, TAS, Value Determination, Property Requirements, Condominium Issues, Reconsideration of Value, LAPP Roxanne Kimm-Yanagi, Staff Appraiser 
Phone: (808) 433-0484 
Specially Adaptive Housing Darryl Oshiro, SAH Agent 
Phone: (808) 433-0485 
Loan Processing, Underwriting, ACE, webLGY, Eligibility for the Home Loan Program, Lender/Agent ID Numbers, Native American Direct Loan Program David Saito, Loan Specialist
Phone: (808) 433-0480 
Cherie Castanares, Loan Specialist 
Phone: (808) 433-0483 
Loan Servicing Susan Kanehailua, Loan Servicer 
Phone: (808) 433-0486

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