Have You Seen the New AAFMAA.com?


We want to hear from you. Tell us what you think. As a member, does it provide the type of information you find useful? Is it easy to navigate to that information? If you are considering additional insurance for yourself, another member of your family or looking up a question for a friend, did you find the answer easily? Did we provide a clear answer?

Have you ever used our "Get a Quote" calculator? Did you find it quick and easy to use? Have you ever compared it to other life insurance providers? Have you gone into the Member Center and explored the features offered? Is your address up to date? You can make the changes online in seconds now. Have you given our new online application a test run?

Best of all is the fact that if you ever get lost or confused and need to call someone at AAFMAA for help, you will be able to speak with someone on our staff provided it is during normal business hours. Rarely are we all on the phone at the same time. Thanks for taking a few minutes and visiting our new updated site. Because we are working with insurance issues and your benefits questions, it is easy for us to assume everyone understands. Your feedback helps keep us on track.

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