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DoD: Military Pay is Safe from Sequestration


According to The Pentagon Channel, DoD officials have made it clear that military pay and "monetary" benefits will continue despite sequestration. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that servicemembers are not < subject to the unpaid furloughs that will affect that majority of the Defense Department's civilian work force as a result of sequestration. According to Defense Secretary Panetta in a recently released memo "the president has used his legal authority to exempt military personnel funding from < sequestration, but we have no legal authority to exempt civilian personnel funding from reductions. DoD's civilian employees < will face unpaid furloughs as soon as late April. The furloughs will effectively cut civilian pay by 20%. What DoD < did not make clear is how the sequestration will affect non-monetary benefits, like tuition assistance, MWR, and childcare services. However, today's news on < Military features an article on how it will affect school districts located near military bases. See more news on Military Pay and Sequestration.

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