Getting to Your New Home


Introducing's new Transition app. Our new app gives you a personalized transition plan, tells you what to expect while transitioning, and even helps you find a job. The app is customizable for all Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists, and spouses. Download it today from Google Play or iTunes.

Once you have chosen your new hometown, you should arrange for transportation counseling. Schedule an appointment with your installation’s Transportation Office as soon as you have your orders. This is extremely important, because the availability of movers is limited.

The reimbursement amount is determined by the regulations pertaining to your particular entitlement. Entitlements vary with individual situations. Your exact entitlement and the time limits for its use will be explained to you during your appointment. For example: If you are overseas, you may be authorized to ship an automobile to the United States. Motorcycles may be shipped as part of your personal property.

Note: Airline tickets must be purchased from the Commercial Travel Office (CTO) under contract to your respective organization.

Learn more about Per Diem and Moving Allowances.

Visit the Relocation Center to learn more.

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