Marine Corps History Quiz

Marine dress blue lineup.

In celebration of the Marine Corps' birthday, has put together this Marine Corps history quiz. Test your knowledge on the Marine Corps, and see where you rank!

Marine Corps Birthday Quiz

Since November 10th, 1775 the Marine Corps has earned a reputation as one of the toughest and most formidable fighting forces in the world. With over 200 years of service, the USMC's history is long and storied. Think you know everything about it? Test your knowledge with this Marine Corps birthday quiz!

Where was the Marine Corps first formed?

Brook's Lodge

The Philadelphia Courthouse

Tun Tavern

Iron Hill Inn

What color were the first Marine Corps uniform jackets?





Who was the first Marine Corps aviator?

Capt Tom O'Malley

Capt Darren Hunter

Capt Sid Mahoney

Capt Alfred Cunningham

Where did the first Marine Corps amphibious landing take place?

Paris Island, South Carolina

New Providence, Bahamas

Havana, Cuba

The Cayman Islands

Who was the first Marine to receive the Medal of Honor?

William Hudson

John Mackie

Avery Johnson

Dan Daly

What type of sword do Marine Corps officers carry?





In what battle did the Marines receive the nickname Tuefel Hunden (Devil Dogs)?

Iwo Jima

Belleau Wood


Chosin Reservoir

What does the iconic Marine Corps Eagle, Anchor, and Globe symbol represent?

The United States, ties with the Navy, and the world.

Preparedness to fight by air, sea, and land.

The Marine Corp's ability to project force.

Freedom, ships, and cartography.

Which jet plane did the Marine Corps adopt in 1963?





Which Marine has been awarded five Navy Crosses and become a symbol of the Marine Corps' esprit-de-corps?

Chesty Puller

Archibald Henderson

Eugene Trainor

John Basilone


What is your major malfunction?! Get back out there and educate yourself about my beloved Corps!

Devil Pup

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Outstanding, that's what I like to see!

Old Man

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