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PROOF Research Barrel Giveaway Ending Soon


The PROOF Research Father's Day rifle barrel giveaway is drawing to a close. Should you wish to enter, you'll need to do so soon. PROOF, a Montana-based company, is known chiefly for their carbon fiber barrels. Their barrels are used by customers ranging from U.S. Special Operations Command units to competitive shooters (including the Army Marksmanship Unit) and professional hunters.

The following is an excerpt from some recent PROOF-related message traffic:

There are many reasons to use a PROOF Research barrel, dependability, repeatable accuracy and barrel life among them.

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"We’re not saying the barrel is the most important part of your rifle but excellent quality sure helps when you’re reaching out past 1000 yards." PROOF Research

  • Extended barrel life. Thanks to the heat dispersion properties of the carbon fiber wrap, PROOF Research carbon fiber barrels last a conservative 25% longer than others. PROOF has many testimonials from customers who advise they’ve put 15,000 rounds or more through a barrel with no POI (Point of Impact) shift.
  • Accuracy and dependability. Thanks in no small part to a proprietary lapping process and the use of new technology, PROOF barrels are repeatedly reliable. There is a reason so the best competitive rifle shooters in the world use PROOF Research barrel – and a reason their carbon fiber barrels are the only ones approved by USSOCOM for U.S. SOF personnel.

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  • Watch their video “Inside PROOF” for 10 additional chances to win!
  • Click on the additional links for up to 20 chances to win one of three carbon fiber barrels, any style AR or Bolt, your choice! One barrel will be given away per week, each valued at up to $1000
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