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Video: Realistic Trauma Simulator at Modern Day Marine


Operative Experience and North American Rescue showed off its extremely-realistic trauma casualty trainer at Modern Day Marine 2015.

The Combat Trauma Simulator is a 6-foot tall, 180 pound manikin designed to show a range of combat-wound scenarios such as gunshot wounds to appendage amputations from an improvised explosive device.

Each of the five training models breathes, bleeds, moves his head and has a carotid pulse.

The CTS system was designed to expose combat medics to a level of realism that they might experience on the battlefield, said Rick Hughes, director of Foreign Military Sales for North American Rescue.

“This is the high-end for trauma training; it gives you that ‘wow, I really feel like I’m treating a real patient,’” Hughes said, adding that the real-world experience that many combat medics have acquired in the past war is difficult translate when training newer medics.

“As that fades away, you’ve got to find new ways to get that experience.”

In addition to gaping wounds, the breathing feature on this battery-powered manikin can be used to make training more challenging for medics, Hughes said.

“The instructor can dial off the breathing while the medics are dealing with the trauma wound and then ask them ‘how long has it been since he stopped breathing?’”

Operative Experience has made initial deliveries to the U.S. Army, Marine Corps and U.S. Special Operations Command, Hughes said.


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