ReadyOne Displays Flexible Terrain-Style Camouflage


ReadyOne Industries is now offering moldable camouflage kits that can be customized to mimic virtually any type of rock formation or similar type of terrain.

The company showed off samples the VATEC System dubbed Portable Battlefield Cryptic Signature and Concealment at the 2015 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference last week.

“VATEC kits and products are unique in that they allow individuals, equipment, and vehicles to become concealed by blending into the environment,” according to ReadyOne factsheet.

“By design, VATEC products enable the operators to render themselves and their equipment undetectable by mimicking specific terrain.”

The lightweight material is very flexible but designed to hold its shape. Kits are available for individuals and small groups to equipment or vehicles.

I don’t know if my pictures do justice to the show-floor samples, but it looked like impressive technology.

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