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Navy Civilian on Trial for Shady Suppressor Deal

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If you haven’t heard about this, it’s a pretty interesting story. A Navy intelligence officer illegally diverted nearly $2 million in government funds to his boss's brother under a secret, illegitimate contract to build hundreds of untraceable rifle suppressors, according to prosecutors in a trial that began recently.

"In opening trial statements in Alexandria, Va., prosecutors said the defendant, Navy civilian Lee Hall of Sterling, had no authority to buy weapons and that the real reason for the contract was to bail out his boss's brother, who prosecutors said had a failing race-car business."

"Court records indicate that at one point, Hall told others the silencers were for the Navy's elite SEAL Team Six, the unit known for killing Osama bin Laden, even though the SEALS say they had nothing to do with the purchase."

Note: the Associated Press story uses silencers instead of suppressors. Check it out here.

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