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The Red Circle Foundation hard at it

The Red Circle Foundation is the veteran-centric charity organization established by former Kit Up! editor Brandon Webb. The primary mission of RCF is to provide gap funding in support of the families of fallen SOF personnel and to provide scholarships to the children of former or current SOF professionals.

Asked why he chose to start his own foundation vs. putting support and directing money from his own project(s) behind one of the already existing charities Brandon advises, "...because my attempts to work with the larger ones were...extremely difficult due to the fact that a lot of those larger charities have turned into big, slow-moving bureaucracies. The The Red Circle foundation is the exact opposite of that, operating  like a fast acting Spec Ops team. We make decisions in real time where other charities take days weeks or even months to help."

Red Circle Foundation has a number of upcoming events, including Joggin' for Frogmen, work with Operation Hawkeye, their Annual Gala and "Stay the Course".

"Our niche is gap funding where other organizations and government agencies are slow to help," Webb explains further. "I saw this first hand when I lost my best friend Glen Doherty [note: watch the video]. The CIA has still yet to pay out any sort of death benefit and it's a shame.We have had tremendous support and look forward to helping many of the families through our children enrichment programs and emergency gap funding vehicle."

Here are links to visit for more information or to support: RCF Logo




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