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Panteao’s New “D-Boy” Film, Alexander’s Bridge

Delta Operators

Panteao Pictures will be start filming a feature film in Georgia this Fall, with a tentative release date of Fall 2014. Panteao Pictures is a part of Panteao Productions, which is largely known for it’s “Make Ready With the Experts” series of DVDs.

Titled Alexander’s Bridge, the movie is now in pre-production. It will revolve around a group of operators from the Unit (SFOD-D) who wind up in a completely unexpected conflict during the course of a training and equipment-evaluation iteration. A key terrain feature during the Battle of Chickamauga, Alexander’s Bridge crosses West Chickamauga Creek near the Chickamauga National Military Park. It is a key location in the film.

One particular reason this movie may of special interest to Kit Up readers — other than it’s an action movie of course — is the “product placement.” Hollywood has done product placement since at least the 40s. Recently The Great Gatsby received a substantial part of its funding from product placement and Man of Steel raised something like $160 million the same way. Because of the number of SMEs involved in this movie, equipment, weapon and tactical accuracy is going to be a huge issue.

“We’ve all seen movies where they screw it up,” says Panteao's Fernando Coelho. “This guy has his optic on backwards, that guy shoots a 9mm that ejects .45 brass…There are some directors who are anal about accuracy, but not many. These guys know it. They’ve been there and used it, and in many cases they’re not only the technical advisors, they are the actual operators in the movie.”

Alexanders BridgeCoelho declined to comment about who will play all the lead roles, but RUMINT indicates he has been talking to at least one actor with an extensive background playing SOF roles on the big screen. Among those involved are from former SFOD-D and SF personnel Tom Spooner, Scot Spooner and J.D. Potynsky—who are technical advisors as well as cast members—to possible technical assistance and cameo/walk-on roles from within Panteao’s stable of instructors; Paul Howe, John Chapman, Louis Awerbuck, Pat Rogers, Jim Gilliland, Matt Jacques and others. The latest Panteao instructor, John Spears (a former SF medic and current surgeon) will be on site to help with all matters medical during filming.

Panteao Pictures Fernando CoelhoAsked what gear would appear in the movie, Coelho said: “I put together a proposal to let the industry know, hey we need this or that. We’ll be doing a sizzle real for the film, people from those manufacturers can be interviewed for the ‘behind the scenes’ segments if they wish…most importantly there will be a kit section on the website with a scroll-over feature that highlights everything about that particular piece of equipment.”

Apparently the partner section on the website will feature the main characters from the film appearing from the front and back. The pictures will display their individual and team load-out, with some sort of highlight feature that pulls up and explains that particular piece of kit. It sounds like a gear whore’s dream. From their uniform pants and the camo pattern (which will be two different highlights) to their weapon light and each piece of LBE, Coelho promises every technical aspect will be scrutinized and doublechecked, as it will be in the movie.

Presumably TTPs (within the constraints of what the scenes require and OPSEC) will be equally accurate.

There will be more information and a photo gallery available sometime in September.

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