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Agilite's Turbulence HRL: Try not to drag the helo after you

Turbulence DR1The "Turbulence" HRL (Helicopter Retention Lanyard) is tested for over 3370lbs. Though originally designed by Agilite to allow Israeli Air Force CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) personnel to secure troops to aircraft, it is being used by USSOCOM and other specialty units. If features a Stainless Steel, quick-release shackle with swedged release-pin that prevents the plunger pin from depressing if there is damage to the retaining ring and Tactile Tensile (TT) high density polyester harness webbing. It can be opened even with pressure bearing down on the ring.

Says Agilite's Isaac Oppenheim, ""We're not not saying they're strong...but if you're using a Turbulence lanyard together with an Agilite Sidewinder Rigger's Belt make sure you disconnect from the aircraft if you don't want a helicopter dragging behind you as you walk."

Available in black and desert tundra, with other colors available on request. Standard length is 38", but other sizes can be arranged via Agilite. MSRP is $78.95.Agilite Turbulence-SOCOM

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