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A Better Look at SPLITminus


As we reported yesterday, Blue Force Gear has released a new iteration of their minimalist RACKminus chest rig. This one is split in the front for simpler donning/doffing, with a pair of front buckles for fastening, and like previous pieces in this line is manufactured with BFG's Helium Whisper technology.




SPLITminus panels are cut from one sheet of their ULTRAcomp material (which is extremely tough for its weight as well as possessing antimicrobial and hydrophobic qualities) instead of layering 500d or 1000d nylon as is usually the case. This makes a truly lightweight set of LBE.

The SPLITminus features a 6 x 3 grid of MOLLE compatible material (assuming we're counting correctly) and is currently available only in MultiCam.The whole thing weighs about half a pound or a little less. It actually takes a little getting used to the lack of weight when you put it on (which isn't a bad thing at all).

(Note: MOLLEminus was originally covered here: and Helium Whisper covered here:


SPLITminus is available here:

That's it for now. We gotta e-mail Blue Force Brittney and let her know this has been posted or there's no telling what'll happen. We'd really hate to have to file for another Restraining Order this close to Christmas.


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