Hackers Seized Customer Data from Pentagon Food Court, DoD Says


The Defense Department has issued a warning to employees using the food court and other concessions that hackers have stolen bank information from an unknown number of customers who paid with a credit or debit card.

A notice to employees sent out last Friday said, "Within the past week, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency has received numerous reports of fraudulent use of credit cards belonging to Pentagon personnel."

"These individuals had fraudulent charges to their account soon after they had legitimate transactions at the Pentagon," the notice said.

The departmental agency was investigating the theft, though it wasn't immediately known when the attack may have occurred or how many employees may have been affected. The statement went to more than 20,000 personnel.

The agency was coordinating with local and federal law enforcement to determine the scope and the source of the fraud. It urged employees to "check your statements carefully and contact PFPA if you notice a fraudulent charge within the last 120 days," according to the statement. Fraudulent charges should be reported to pfpa.ncr.itd.list.tf1@mail.mil, it states.

--Richard Sisk can be reached at Richard.Sisk@military.com.

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