MDM: Ranger Medic Handbook -- Newest Edition


Beginning Oct. 1, the long-awaited, 4th Edition of the Ranger Medic Handbook will be available through North American Rescue LLC.

The book is written by the 75th Ranger Regiment and includes 70 additional pages of updates since the 3rd Edition, which was published in 2007.

"This is an extremely popular book," Matt Westra, vice president of sales for North American Rescue, said at Modern Day Marine 2012. "This has got everything in it from their medical protocols to drug doses. They use it for sick call and for treating trauma. There's new packing lists for how they pack up their kit."

NAR is the sole distributor of the Ranger Medic Handbook. It retails for $40 and all proceeds go to the Sentinels of Freedom, a non-profit, wounded-warrior foundation chosen by the Ranger Regiment, Westra said. Story Continues
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