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Kit Up SOCP combat knife Kit Up: The SOCP Combat Knife

I did a recent post on the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) developed by Greg Thompson a while back and wanted to expand on his SOCP combat knife.

I want to point out that this blade is purely a combat blade.  While I would prefer a little more heft to the knife, I can see the advantage of having a light knife that you could wield with swift and deadly accuracy.

The knife is designed to be used in tight quarter situations where firearms may not be an option.  The purpose is to draw the knife and create "space" to get back in the gun fight.  The SOCP blade is designed to draw a secondary weapon without dropping the blade (as pictured).

For those of you that are scratching your head and going Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Over?...Here's an example of one such case I've discussed before.

Situation:  Somalia Anti Piracy Ops Team: DEVGRU Assault Team Mission: Pirate intervention regarding an American couple Outcome: All pirates KIA.  One pirate killed by knife by Heath Robinson (a friend of mine that died in the recent Afghan Helo crash). Knife Kill:  Two Team members in tight quarters enter a room and one is jumped from behind.  Number two man enters and can't engage with primary without risking injury to number one man.  Result, primary slung and knife used to finish the pirate off (sorry gents, I can't disclose anything more in detail). This is a rare but good example of when a knife becomes a good option. Conclusion: I understand that the knife option (used as a weapon) is a rare event but it does happen.  It's like a shark attack, rare but happens sometimes and you may as well know the game.

Kit Up SOCP Dagger

The SOCP knife is a good option in my opinion.  You can integrate it into MOLLE or wear it on the belt line and think of it as insurance.

I'd like to personally thank Greg for giving Kit Up his prototype SOCP blade by Benchmade to evaluate.  He's a good dude doing great things for the SOF community with his program.

Brandon Out.

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Kit Up SOCP Dagger

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