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Navy SEAL Somalia Raid


Kit Up SEALs

Another good mission this week, but I think it's important to point out that every branch was involved in this operation.  I gave an interview to my publisher, St. Martin's Press (Command Posts), and wanted to share with you guys.  It reads a bit awkward and some of the content is taken out of context but here you go regardless.

CP: Would all of the operatives on this mission have been sniper trained?

BW: Not likely.  The SEAL snipers make up only 10% of an already very small number. They are highly specialized.

CP: As the Navy SEAL Sniper Corps Head Instructor, what are some of the things you taught that may have been used by the snipers in this kind of a rescue operation?

BW: Mental management and patience.  Also, if Helos are involved most of the people on the ground are greatly aided by an audio play by play provided by people up in a helicopter. When I was head instructor we taught different skills including shooting from a helicopter, on the ground, in an urban setting. We were training the ‘lone gun man,’ by the time he graduates he will be a deadly tool. A ‘lone gun man’ is the kind of coverage the mission would have had.


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