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A Classic Operator's Watch: The Rolex Submariner


Kit Up Rolex Submariner 2

Kit Up: Rolex Submariner as worn by Sean Connery in James Bond

Ok, for this years Editor's picks I chose a Suunto because I like the technology and battlefield applications.  However, if I really had to recommend a watch it would be the Rolex Submariner (or GMT variant).

I realize that not everyone has the budget for a $6,000 watch, but I do want to point out that I've had my Rolex Sub since 2000 and it's as good as the day I bought it.  Not to mention I paid $3500 US at the dealer in Bahrain (no tax) and it's now worth $6,000 (better than the S&P if you ask me).  My Rolex has held up to the harshest of conditions, the rugged mountain peaks of Afghanistan and the harsh deserts of the Middle East. And it's laughed back and replied "is that all you got? Send your weak sh**!".

Kit Up Rolex 1960's Classic

A classic even in 1960....

People are funny about things.  They'll judge you for wearing an expensive time piece but overbuy (according to income) on a car or buy an engagement ring that costs four times as much as my watch (and doesn't tell time, by-the-way).

Anyway, a lot of guys in Special Forces/Teams wear Rolex for the above mentioned reasons. It just works.  The good news is that you never have to buy another watch again, or worry about batteries, AND it's just a damn good looking watch.


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