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Princeton Tec "Charge": 1 Surefire: 0


Princeton Tec Charge. Developed in cooperation with end users.

The Princeton Tec Charge was developed with the help of DoD Tier One units. Kit Up's inside source actually said they originally took the (now patented) concept to Surefire first but, the founder didn't want to back the project.  Unfortunately I see this a lot with companies that grow in size and eventually turn arrogant towards the same end users that made a market for their products. You think it would be simple to keep your core customers happy but, it's amazing what success will blind you to.

Losing touch with your core customers is the beginning of the end in my opinion and a sure way to lose market share.  Surfire has always made great product and I've always been a fan however, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was very disturbed when I heard that the company essentially turned their backs on a direct customer request. Insanity.

Our friends over at Soldier Systems did a report on the Charge recently and you can click here to read what they had to say.

So while Surefire took a pass, enter the good folks at Princeton Tec and the birth of the Princeton Tec "Charge".  We're looking forward to great things in the future from these guys , especially now that we know they're listening to end user feedback.  The company is sending us some product to review and we'll be sure to keep you posted once we get our hands on it.  So I say Princeton Tec-1 Surefire-0.  What do you guys think? Hit the like button if you agree with me.

Out here-Brandon

From my conversation with Ryan from Princeton Tec

"This light is a result of feedback coming directly from end users in the field- we have had the privilege to work hand in hand with a very select group of "consultants" from across our armed forces to develop, refine, and produce this light. It is ridiculously low profile- and can be mounted easily on either side of a helmet. Charge is the natural evolution of the Princeton Tec personal lighting series. It's modularity, and patented flexi-neck design allow the user to direct light exactly where it is needed- whether it be one of the covert lighting options, or the overt 60 Lumen Maxbright LED. A recessed button ensures easy activation, while eliminating the possibility of an accidental light discharge. The ability to use any AA battery you can find, paired with the included low-profile MOLLE, helmet rail, and standard helmet mounting attachments make Charge the most versatile personal lighting system available. MADE IN THE USA"

Princeton Tec Charge Lumens: 60 Battery: 1 AA Body Colors: Tan, OD, Black LED Color Options: Blue, Red, Green, IR/Red/Green, IR, Red, Blue, IR- I have attached our LED Icon What's in the box: Light, Battery, MOLLE Mount, Helmet Rail Mount, Standard Helmet Mount MSRP: $99.99

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