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Wanted! Counter Sniper Systems for Army Forward Operating Base's


The Mirage by Torrey Pines Logic: Counter Sniper Detection

The counter sniper mission has to be one of the toughest problems faced on the battlefield today.  Putting a sniper on this job is one of the best options in my opinion and one of the only ways to ensure that any supporting technology is properly used.  My friend Chris Kyle killed a problem Iraqi sniper a few years back.  He shot the guy dead in a modern day version of Enemy at the Gates.  When they found the guy he had a English Accuracy International 308 (what I heard anyway).  Chris is one of the most decorated snipers in US SOCOM and a graduate of the SEAL course.  He has over 200 kills and has a book out titled American Sniper.

They're aren't many realistic options on the market in my opinion.  Pictured above is one counter sniper device developed by Torrey Pines Logic TPL).  Not a perfect solution but a solution nevertheless.  Leo at TPL is a crazy Russian genius who has been putting out some great technologies for the SOCOM communities...Most you won't hear about for a few decades.

The Army released a Request for Information (RFI) in September of this year and it looks like they want some very specific requirements around the capability.  It will be interested to see who responds and if this actually turns into anything given that the DoD budget is getting chopped.   Requirements below.... Out Here-Brandon


The Deparment of the Army, Army Materiel Command, Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM), may have a requirement for Counter-Sniper Systems to Support Forward Operating Base (FOB) Defense for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).


  1.  Provide range, azimuth, and elevation of the gunshot origin relative to detector and monitoring station and the actual grid location with minimum accuracy of:
    1. Azimuth:  +/- 2.5 degrees
    2. Elevation:  +/- 5 degrees
    3. Range:  15%
    4. Plot the detected gunshot origin on a map display and allow the user to save, replay, delete and clear (remove from the screen but able to be recalled) the detection.
    5. Correlate a single gunshot event detected by multiple sensors to a single event with a more accurate location than if detected by a single sensor.
    6. Capable of detecting multiple simultaneous fires from a single and multiple locations.
    7. Must be able to network a minimum of eight detectors.
    8. Must be able to display the gunshot origin in less than 1.5 seconds from detection.
    9. Must be able to import standard map formats (RPF, CIB, CADRG).
    10. Must be capable of being powered by either a 110v or 220v generator and/or a 12-27V DC power source
    11. Must be capable of being powered for at least 4 hours while connected to a 12V battery.
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