Nett Warrior Kicks Clunk to the Curb


The resounding grumbling from Soldiers was finally heard loud and clear by officials at PEO Soldier who saw the budget writing on the wall and decided on a radical redesign of what was once Land Warrior.

In a story to run tomorrow morning on we report:

The Army has abandoned its decades-long effort to pack nearly 20 pounds of batteries, computer processors and displays on future Soldiers in favor of a simpler solution that uses technology already in many Joes’ pockets.

Officials with the Fort Belvoir, Va.-based PEO Soldier told reporters Oct. 6 that they had decided to configure the so-called “Nett Warrior” system to use a commercially-available smart phone plugged into a secure tactical radio.

“There’s significant cost and weight savings in this approach,” said Nett Warrior deputy program manager Bill Brower. “We took out about 70 percent of the weight” from the original system.

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