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Revolutionary Protective Materials: From Shark Suits to Next Generation Protection


FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a small equity owner in this company and while I'm personally sold on the technology/viability, you guys can judge for yourselves. Feel free to ask questions and I'll answer to the best of my ability. Neptunic has several ongoing projects with DoD that are publicly available and a lot of interest from the US SOCOM community.  The material applications are endless.  An example: combat clothing that resists penetration from slow moving hot metal fragmentation from Improvised Explosives is a big potential use for their materials.

The founder of Neptunic, Jeremiah Sullivan, started experimenting with combinations of synthetic material blends originally intended to withstand the bite of a Great White Shark. He is definitely the Mad Scientist behind the technology and believes more in what works in the real world as opposed to a lab when it comes to R&D. The company has a great opportunity to revolutionize several markets and I'm excited to see what happens next.

Click the following link for a really cool materials demo: Neptunic Materials Demo

The patented "NTI Hot Glove" pictured below started out its life as an Army development for a Machine Gunners glove that could be used to swap hot barrels.  It has since morphed into a  multipurpose tactical glove that could be used for fast rope ops and other tactical applications.  Historically you had to rely on putting two gloves to fast rope with and this created a hassle and the extra step of transitioning to a ready gun.  Not the case with this glove, rope out and hit the ground ready to rock. I personally participated in the R&D and did several 80' ropes successfully with very little heat transfer.  Let me know what you guys think...

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NTI Hot Glove

NTI Prototype Combat Shirt

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