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IMINT: Shots of SEAL Assaulters?


Our sister site Defense Tech sent us a couple photos they got from an anonymous tipster that claim to be night shots of the SEAL raid on UBL's compound.

I have my doubts and so do others. But they're interesting to dissect if true.

From my first impression, the spot looks far too rural to be the purported bin Laden $1M mansion. Also, I feel like I'm seeing BDU camo pattern rather than AOR 1 or AOR 2, which was first developed by DEVGRU. Also, seems like they're wearing old-school ACH-style helmets and I gotta wonder if they real assaulters are sporting Ops-Core or some secret squirrel Crye lid...

That said, we're posting these anyway to let KU readers know they could be heading for their inbox from another source (we saw this later posted on a Japanese blog site). We appreciate any reader tips on this story as we continue to post details as they emerge. And be sure to keep an eye on News, Defense Tech blog and DoD Buzz for all the angles.

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