National Call To Service

National Call to Service Program offers cash, educational incentives
The National Call to Service (NCS) program offers a choice of several incentives, including educational assistance (Airman Ashley J. Thum/U.S. Air Force)

The National Call to Service (NCS) program offers a choice of one of the following incentives:

  1. A cash bonus of $5,000.
  2. Loan Repayment of a qualifying student loan -- not to exceed $18, 000.
  3. Educational assistance equal to the three-year Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) rate for 12 months.
  4. Educational assistance equal to 50% of the less than three-year monthly MGIB rate for 36 months.

Program Requirements

To be eligible for the NCS program, you must have completed your initial entry training and then continued to serve on active duty for 15 months in a military occupational specialty designated by the defense secretary. Then without a break in service, you must have served either an additional period of active duty as determined by the defense secretary or a period of 24 months in active status in the Selected Reserve.

In addition, without a break in service, you then spent the rest of your obligated service in one of the following:

  • On active duty in the Armed Forces;
  • In the Selected Reserve;
  • In the Individual Ready Reserve;
  • In AmeriCorps or another domestic national service program jointly designated by the defense secretary.

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