Here's a Rundown of Military Ranks and Insignia

ROTC cadet is shown how to salute properly
Army Reserve 1st Sgt. Anthony Childs shows a Clemson University ROTC cadet the proper way to salute during a drill and ceremony lab held by drill sergeants of the division on Clemson’s Bowman Field, Sept. 3, 2015. (Sgt. Ken Scar/U.S. Army)

Do you know the U.S. military ranks?

Today's U.S. military services continue to use many of the ranks that were adopted in 1775 at the start of our Revolutionary War. Our early military leadership and Congress adopted the organization, regulations and ranks of the British army and navy with just minor changes, some of which were influenced by our close association with France.

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Military ranks are divided into officers and enlisted groups. See all the information about Army ranks, Air Force ranks, Coast Guard ranks, Marine Corps ranks and Navy ranks, also known as Navy rates, below.

Military Enlisted Ranks

Military Officer Ranks

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