What the Military Does Enlisted Jobs Explained


Many people mistakenly think that all military members do is fly planes, sail boats, and shoot guns. The truth is that all forces run an extremely complicated mission. As such, the jobs to keep things going are diverse and challenging. And though everyone must be prepared to fight, most of the time you will be doing something else. Below are the areas under which most military jobs fall. Within these categories, there is a considerable breadth of actual jobs. There is something in the military for everybody, so if you aren't satisfied with one job, look again! You might want to work in security/policing, or healthcare. Maybe as a journalist, or reading maps, or rescuing injured people. Maybe you want to fly, or train animals, or even play in a band. You can do all of these things in the military! Enlisted Job Categories (click on a category to see a breakdown of jobs)

Administrative Machine Operator and Production
Combat Specialty Media and Public Affairs
Construction Protective Service
Electronic and Electrical Equipment Repair Support Services
Engineering, Science, and Technical Transportation and Material Handling
Health Care Vehicle and Machinery Mechanic
Human Resource Development  

Officer Job Categories (click on a category to see a breakdown of jobs)

Combat Specialty Media and Public Affairs
Engineering, Science, and Technical Protective Services
Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support Services
Health Care Transportation
Human Resource Development  

ENLISTED JOBS Administrative (top) Administrative Support Specialists Finance and Accounting Specialists Flight Operations Specialists Legal Specialists and Court Reporters Preventive Maintenance Analysts Sales and Stock Specialists Combat Specialty

(top) Armored Assault Vehicle Crew Members Artillery and Missile Crew Members Infantry Special Forces Construction

(top) Building Electricians Construction Equipment Operators Construction Specialists Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Electronic and Electrical Equipment Repair

(top) Avionics Technicians Electrical Products Repairers Electronic Instrument and Equipment Repairers Power Plant Electricians Precision Instrument and Equipment Repairers Ship Electricians Weapons Maintenance Technicians Engineering, Science and Technical

(top) Communications Equipment Operators Computer Systems Specialists Divers Environmental Health and Safety Specialists Intelligence Specialists Meteorological Specialists Non-Destructive Testers Ordnance Specialists Radar and Sonar Operators Space Operations Specialists Surveying, Mapping, and Drafting Technicians Unmanned Vehicle (UV) Operations Specialists Health Care

(top) Cardiopulmonary and EEG Technicians Dental and Optical Laboratory Technicians Dental Specialists Medical Care Technicians Medical Laboratory Technicians Medical Record Technicians Medical Service Technicians Optometric Technicians Pharmacy Technicians Physical and Occupational Therapy Specialists Radiologic (X-Ray) Technicians Human Resource Development

(top) Personnel Specialists Recruiting Specialists Training Specialists and Instructors Machine Operator and Production

(top) Machinists Power Plant Operators Printing Specialists Survival Equipment Specialists Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Operators Welders and Metal Workers Media and Public Affairs

(top) Audiovisual and Broadcast Technicians Broadcast Journalists and Newswriters Graphic Designers and Illustrators Interpreters and Translators Musicians Photographic Specialists Protective Service

(top) Emergency Management Specialists Firefighters Law Enforcement and Security Specialists Support Services

(top) Caseworkers and Counselors Food Service Specialists Religious Program Specialists Transportation and Material Handling

(top) Air Crew Members Air Traffic Controllers Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialists Cargo Specialists Flight Engineers Petroleum Supply Specialists Quartermasters and Boat Operators Seamen Transportation Specialists Vehicle Drivers Warehousing and Distribution Specialists Vehicle and Machinery Mechanic

(top) Aircraft Mechanics Automotive and Heavy Equipment Mechanics Heating and Cooling Mechanics Marine Engine Mechanics Powerhouse Mechanics OFFICER JOBS Combat Specialty

(top) Armored Assault Vehicle Officers Artillery and Missile Officers Combat Mission Support Officers Infantry Officers Special Forces Officers Engineering, Science, and Technical

(top) Aerospace Engineers Civil Engineers Communications Managers Computer Systems Officers Electrical and Electronics Engineers Environmental Health and Safety Officers Industrial Engineers Intelligence Officers Lawyers and Judges Life Scientists Marine Engineers Nuclear Engineers Ordnance Officers Physical Scientists Space Operations Officers Executive, Administrative, and Managerial

(top) Administrative Officers Finance and Accounting Managers Health Services Administrators International Relations Officers Logisticians Management Analysts and Planners Purchasing and Contracting Managers Store Managers Supply and Warehousing Managers Health Care

(top) Dentists Dietitians Optometrists Pharmacists Physical and Occupational Therapists Physician Assistants Physicians and Surgeons Psychologists Registered Nurses Speech Therapists Human Resource Development

(top) Personnel Managers Recruiting Managers Teachers and Instructors Training and Education Directors Media and Public Affairs

(top) Audiovisual and Broadcast Directors Music Directors Public Information Officers Protective Service

(top) Emergency Management Officers Law Enforcement and Security Officers Support Services

(top) Chaplains Food Service Managers Social Workers Transportation

(top) Air Traffic Control Managers Airplane Navigators Airplane Pilots Helicopter Pilots Ship and Submarine Officers Ship Engineers Transportation Maintenance Managers Transportation Managers Information courtesy U.S. Department of Defense, todaysmilitary.com. <

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