Marine Corps Missions and Values

Marine Expeditionary Force practices stabilizing watercraft in Japan
Marines stabilize their combat rubber raiding craft during a monthlong coxswains course July 22, 2014, at White Beach Naval Facility, Okinawa, Japan. The Marines are with various units assigned to 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force. (Lance Cpl. Matt Myers/U.S. Marine Corps)

Marine Corps' expeditionary naval capabilities are critical in a world where 70% of the countries are located within 200 miles of a coastline.

When crises erupt anywhere in the world, the nation calls upon its Marine Corps to carry out its foreign policy objectives. They are the nation's "rapid-reaction" force and perhaps the most feared force in the world.

Marines operate domestically and all over the globe. As a rapid-reaction focused force, many spots where they work are risky at best.

They are tasked primarily with first-on-the-scene missions, awkward or challenging missions that involve sea-land work, security and anything with a high probability of gunfire. Don't forget -- they are the world's most feared warriors!

Some examples of Marine missions:

  • Major warfare missions
  • "Small" warfare -- city fighting, skirmishes, etc. -- often high-intensity and short time span
  • Base/embassy/target security
  • Troop-to-ship warfare -- landing on a target ship and overtaking it (as opposed to ship-to-ship warfare)
  • Combat-support flight missions

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