Army, Navy, Marine Corps Rated Among Best Places to Work


What’s the most important factor in determining satisfaction in the workplace, other than salary? That’s what Monster asked users in a recent poll, with many citing career development as the most important workplace factor.

Monster has taken this data one step further, working with the employer-review site kununu to create the first ever Monster • kununu Workplace Happiness Index. Using kununu’s 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction, Monster identified the companies with the highest overall levels of career development -- with many of the military services ranking high in the rankings.

Top 10 Companies for Career Development

Soldiers will be pleased to hear that they beat out sailors, earning 4th place on the list of top 10 companies for career development, with the Navy at number 9. Some of the other top ranking companies include: OMNI Systems, Progressive Insurance, Berkshire Hathaway, Kaiser Permanente Insurance, among others.


Why they’re on the list: The Army really cares about your career development, with reviewers describing it as the “greatest training place in the world.” As one reviewer put it: “Every leader in the Army will help you to become a leader yourself, whether by being a mentor or showing you where to get the proper training.”


Why they’re on the list: Similar to the Army, the Navy places tremendous value on leadership to ensure that each member reaches their full potential. “It is up to the individual on how far they wanted to go. If you worked hard you were rewarded appropriately,” says one reviewer. Pride in Work (Challenging Work) Companies

In a recent poll, Monster asked our users to rank the most important workplace factors, aside from salary. The results showed that many are looking for work they can be proud of, with 20 percent  saying it’s the most important workplace factor.

Some of the other top ranking companies include: Proctor & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, Delta Air Lines, USAA, among others.

Marines will be pleased to note that they edge out the Army in overall Pride in Work, ranking second on the top 10, with the Army close behind at #3.

Marine Corps:

Why they’re on the list: You know the iconic slogan: “The few, the proud,” as there are countless reasons why people are proud to be Marines. For one—and it’s a big one—they are the only branch that is forward deployed 365/24/7 as a complete unit capable of sustaining war all by itself for a limited duration of time. According to one reviewer, “Made you feel a sense of belonging and pride to be serving for your country.” Ask any Marine, their pride is fierce.


Why they’re on the list: If defending the country wasn’t reason enough to take pride in your work, reviewers say, “The Army is very challenging, but it is just as rewarding.” Working here is “one of the hardest jobs on the planet,” as you “have to make very quick choices” and “put yourself in danger for people you don’t know,” but you “can a attain a rewarding feeling of pride.”

Methodology: The Monster • kununu Workplace Happiness Index includes industry data provided by kununu from August 2016 to July 2017. Reviews on kununu are broken down into 18 key dimensions of workplace satisfaction with each dimension assigned a star rating. The above information takes into account the average of those ratings over a 12-month period. Only companies with a minimum of 15 reviews were considered.


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