Veteran Employment Symposium: Veterans on Wall Street

Veterans on Wall Street

The Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS) coalition is hosting its annual veteran employment symposium on Nov 1, 2016. This is a perfect opportunity for employers looking to hire veterans.  Join other corporate leaders as companies come together to share best practices on military veteran employment.

VOWS is an initiative dedicated to honoring former and currently military personnel by facilitating career and business opportunities in the financial services industry. Its membership is made up of 85 financial institutions, and it works to accomplish its goal by promoting career development, support, and retention of veterans in the global financial services industry.

The motivation behind this mission stems from a belief that veterans developed such skills in the military as leadership, fast and accurate decision–making, operational focus, and the drive to accomplish a mission -- all of which have direct applications on Wall Street. VOWS also sees the culture of the military, including passion, drive, commitment, and teamwork, as cultural values that the financial services industry values.

Employers wishing to attend the event can find more information at, or email Julian Leone at

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