The Top 10 Best Companies for Veterans

Airmen construct an airfield in Niger.
U.S. Air Force RED HORSE airmen monitor the screed as they pave a new access ramp to the flight line at Air Base 201 in Agadez, Niger, June 28 2019. (U.S. Air Force/Perry Aston)

Every year, more than 200,000 service members transition out of the military, and the vast majority (94%) of you are looking for jobs after completing your service, according to Monster's 2018 Veterans Survey. You are some of the highest-trained candidates in the workforce, with skills required in growth industries ranging from information technology to health care to cybersecurity.

By all accounts, veterans exit the military with great mission focus, work ethic, integrity, passion and drive, along with leading-edge training and skills. "There's no single better pool of talent in the U.S. than the military," said Charles Miles, director of military employment programs for PenFed Credit Union and a retired U.S. Marine major.

Yet despite all the training, skills and experience, there's still a communications gap between employers and military candidates. One of the biggest obstacles to finding the right job fit after separating from the military is matching your skills to the appropriate civilian jobs. Tools such as the skills translator at help take the guesswork out of which jobs to apply to and what level you should be at in your career. Such resources, along with a growing number of companies that recognize the value of veteran and military hiring, are helping the communication gap to narrow.

For the past five years, in honor of Veterans Day, Monster and have worked with experts in veteran and military-family hiring to compile our Best Companies for Veterans list. Each year, the pool of candidates has gotten stronger, and the benchmark for inclusion has gotten higher. In fact, the minimum percentage of veterans compared to total workforce at these companies has reached a whopping 19%, and the workforce at the top-ranked company, DynCorp, is made up of 60% veterans!

Encompassing industries such as IT, government and consulting, here's this year's list of the top 10 companies for veterans:

1. DynCorp International

First year on the list, veteran-owned company

  • What the company does: DynCorp provides base operations, supply-chain management and infrastructure support for the U.S. government, military and commercial customers around the world.
  • Industry: Defense
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 51%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 60%
  • What we liked: The company recognizes the leadership and life experiences that veterans bring to the workforce; therefore, they accept military training for civilian credentials and acknowledge the importance these skills bring to the success of their business model. "We accept all training, which affirms our corporate belief in the value of military training," a company spokesperson said. During onboarding, veterans are assigned a sponsor who provides insight, support and resources to new hires.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Increase veteran hiring by 10%.

2. Intelligent Waves LLC

Third year on the list, veteran-owned company

  • What the company does: Founded by veterans, Intelligent Waves LLC is a veteran-owned small business that specializes in providing IT and communications support to a wide variety of U.S. government customers.
  • Industry: Information technology
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 50%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 44%
  • What we liked: Intelligent Waves focuses on placing veteran hires in the right job where they can be successful at building a civilian career. The company offers various professional development opportunities to veterans, including the Admin to Engineer (A2E) program. During the 18-month training, participants learn all the skills they need while obtaining the required certificates and TS/SCI security clearance. A2E participants receive all-expenses-paid, computer-based training, IT boot camp, lab work, mentoring and job shadowing. Upon completion, graduates have all the certifications necessary to work as engineers on the company's engineering services (ES) team or in the professional services (PS) department. In addition, Intelligent Waves partners with Warriors Ethos -- a 501(3)(c) non-profit founded by Intelligent Waves' executive team in 2013 -- to provide veterans with the additional career assistance and professional development needed for success.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Increase the percentage of veteran employees to 60%.

3. American Systems

First year on the list

  • What the company does: One of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States, American Systems is a government services contractor focused on delivering strategic IT and engineering solutions to complex national priority programs.
  • Industry: Information technology and consulting
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 42%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 50%
  • What we liked: More than half of American Systems' executive leadership are veterans. The company has created an employee resource group called the Servicemember Outreach and Referral (SOAR) Program -- a platform for veteran employees to strengthen the camaraderie, onboarding and morale of fellow veterans inside and outside the company. Veteran applicants are matched with veteran employees who speak with them about the company and culture. This pairing may continue through a buddy program, which allows new hires to assist in the transition to a new company and begin developing their network. Senior leadership in the HR department receives training on veteran employment, training and retention.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Have 50% of all new hires be veterans.


Second year on the list

  • What the company does: CACI provides expertise and technology to enterprise and mission customers in support of national security missions and government transformation for defense, intelligence and civilian customers.
  • Industry: Information technology
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 42%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 38%
  • What we liked: As part of CACI's Veteran Inclusion Program (VIP), veteran hires receive a team welcome letter within their first 30 days and are invited to join the Veterans Employee Resource Group. Recently separated veteran new hires are offered a veteran transition mentor to assist in their integration into the company. New recruiters, talent acquisition managers and hiring managers receive mandatory training on CACI's veterans hiring program and the value of a veteran. They have a dedicated, full-time, veteran engagement team that actively seeks ways to bring military into the company. In partnership with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, and as part of the company's "Continuing Your Mission" veterans and military spouse outreach campaign, they produce job flyers specifically tailored to military spouses, focusing on a wide variety of career opportunities that do not require security clearances.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Exceed this year's hiring percentages.

5. LMI

First year on the list

  • What the company does: LMI is a consultancy dedicated to improving the business of government, drawing from deep expertise in advanced analytics, digital services, logistics and management advisory services.
  • Industry: Management consulting
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 41%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 34%
  • What we liked: LMI greets members of the military community on Day 1, providing them with resources, mentoring and peer support. They have career path check-ins at regular intervals, as well as as-needed support to ensure they are thriving at LMI. The company has a robust veteran employee resource group that offers professional development, internal mobility and opportunities for community service to its members. LMI conducts an average of four military outreach events per month and has quarterly open-house events for prospective job seekers from the military community. Additionally, LMI is committed to providing an informational interview to every candidate from the military community who seeks one. Of LMI's 2018 veteran hires, 97% have stayed with the company longer than 12 months -- the largest number of any company on our list.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Hire 250 veterans and/or military-family members.


Second year on the list

  • What the company does: PRISM provides technology, cybersecurity and IT enterprise solutions to public and private companies.
  • Industry: Information technology
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 32%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 25%
  • What we liked: PRISM's Veteran Performance Management Program provides veterans with continual workforce support and believes the company has a duty to ensure the career development and growth of veterans and their spouses. PRISM also donates funds for higher education and certification industry training. This year, the company hired a program development manager to help spread the word about the value of military-friendly programs and help PRISM's efforts become stronger with partner companies and leaders.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Increase veteran hiring to 33% and military families to 2% for all new hires.

7. MSA Security

First year on the list

  • What the company does: MSA Security provides security, intelligence, training and investigative services in order to protect personnel, property and peace of mind.
  • Industry: Security and investigations
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 30%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 40%
  • What we liked: Veterans comprise 20% of MSA's C-suite. MSA aids in the transition from military to civilian life by providing veterans with the opportunity to not only earn a steady wage, but to do so while utilizing the skills and knowledge learned while in service. MSA is dedicated to being straightforward and transparent in direction and expectations to eliminate much of the ambiguity returning veterans face when entering the public and private sectors.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Maintain an 89% veteran-retention rate.

8. US Customs and Border Protection

Fifth year on the list

  • What the company does: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), one of the world's largest law enforcement agencies, is charged with keeping terrorists and weapons out of the country while also facilitating lawful international travel and trade.
  • Industry: Government agency
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 28%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 29%
  • What we liked: CBP frequently conducts educational workshops and webinars about the hiring process and career opportunities, and participates in career fairs for transitioning service members and military spouses at military installations across the U.S. Within the CBP's National Recruitment Division (NRD), the primary proponents of veteran hiring include the Veterans Employment Program Manager (VEPM) and the National Frontline Recruitment Command (NFRC)/Special Emphasis Recruitment Program (SERP). CBP's VEPM advocates for the placement of transitioning service members, veterans, and veterans with disabilities into CBP; NFRC continues to dedicate uniformed recruiters from CBP's office of field operations, U.S. Border Patrol, and Air and Marine Operations to conduct frontline recruitment events tailored for transitioning active-duty military, veterans and underrepresented groups. SERP continues to have a full-time recruiter presence at six Department of Defense locations.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Have 10% of new hires be veterans with disabilities.

9. IntelliDyne LLC

First year on the list

  • What the company does: IntelliDyne develops and executes effective solutions in EIM, analytics, cybersecurity and information assurance, application development, and cloud computing.
  • Industry: Information technology
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 26%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 27%
  • What we liked: For smooth, efficient onboarding, IntelliDyne has a veteran buddy program to connect newly transitioned hires with established employees from the same branch of service who can help the new hire navigate through the organization. After a few months on the job, veteran employees have breakfast with the CEO and spend a half-day with the executive team for a company overview. The company offers free, on-demand video training through, as well as up to $5,000 per year for job-related training. In 2018, the chief human resources officer launched the Military Resource Group -- an employee-led initiative with a focus to hire qualified veterans, keep veterans engaged in the organization and support veteran communities. One of their top six strategic initiatives is to increase veteran employment. Their veteran and military hiring goals are to achieve over 30% of the workforce as military.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Focus on tracking military spouse hires as part of the company's comprehensive military-family hiring efforts.

10. AbleVets LLC

First year on the list, veteran-owned company

  • What the company does: A service-disabled, veteran-owned small business, AbleVets is an award-winning health IT engineering and consulting company dedicated to improving the lives of our nation's veterans, service members and their families.
  • Industry: IT consulting and engineering
  • Percentage of 2019 hires who are vets: 23%
  • Percentage of workforce who are vets: 19%
  • What we liked: Veterans occupy many of AbleVets' leadership roles, including the founder and CEO, chief medical officer, vice president of strategy, VP of infrastructure operations and others at the next level of management. Veterans participate in leading new hire orientation to reinforce the company's mission and commitment. In addition, the company's military veterans employee resource groups support new hire transition and integration, strengthen internal networks, build training and recruiting partnerships, create next-gen leaders and promote community outreach. "We are proud of the progress we've made in bringing more veterans on board and know that diversity makes us stronger and more innovative," according to a spokesperson at AbleVets.
  • 2020 hiring goals: Track military-family hires, as well as veteran hires, as part of the company's overall recruitment plans.

Find the Right Fit

As a veteran, you already have the necessary skills and experience many employers are seeking. Do you struggle figuring out how to find those companies? You need the combined power of Monster and behind you. You can join Monster for free today. As a member, you'll get a free resume review to help you ensure that you're civilian-world ready, and you can upload up to five versions of your resume so that recruiters can find you. But you'll also want to head over to, where you can search for veteran-friendly employers, use the Military Skills Translator and get career transition help, and learn about the latest news and trends affecting vets.


Monster worked with veteran and military-family hiring experts to identify companies they thought were standouts for their veteran hiring and retention practices. We then reached out to each company, plus past winners, for the following additional information:

  • What percentage of the company's 2019 hires were veterans;
  • What percentage of the total workforce is veterans;
  • What the retention rate was for 2018 hires;
  • What 2020 recruitment plans it had for veterans;
  • Whether it has a dedicated veteran recruitment team and if any of that team are veterans;
  • What kind of special programs it offers for onboarding, development and retention;
  • Whether they accepted military training in place of civilian credentials; and
  • Whether the company's leadership is updated on the value of hiring veterans, military culture and veterans issues.

We ranked first on 2019 hires, then on total workforce and finally used the other data points to inform the final rankings.

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