Harvard Staff Assists Transitioning Veterans

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Rene Canezin is the Managing Director of Fixed Income at Harvard University; he is also the son of a retired military veteran and an advocate for transitioning veterans. When Canezin learned about Harvard's partnership with American Corporate Partners (ACP), he jumped at the opportunity and signed up as a Mentor in ACP's Veteran Mentoring Program.

American Corporate Partners is a nonprofit that addresses veterans' career transition needs through two free programs: a high touch, one-on-one mentoring program, and an online Q&A site, ACP AdvisorNet, offering career, employment and small business advice.

For two years, Canezin has dedicated his time to mentoring transitioning service members one-on-one through ACP's Veteran Mentoring Program, discovering where they are in their transition process and providing them with professional guidance. Most recently, Canezin agreed to mentor his third veteran Protégé, U.S. Marine Corporal Georges Esperance.

Over the course of a year, ACP Mentors like Canezin provide veteran Protégés with mentoring, career counseling, and networking support to help them transition from the armed services to the civilian workforce. Mentors and Protégés have monthly discussions focused on the veteran's career goals.

The veterans he works with are appreciative of his support. Corporal Esperance says, "Rene has been very helpful both professionally and personally. He has advised me on how to better deal with work situations and I feel as though I am establishing a presence in the financial community with the help of Rene."

Corporal Esperance notes that Canezin has encouraged him take on challenges outside of the office. "He is a very physical guy. He has inspired me to think beyond five miles and push myself. I've transformed both personally and professionally. I am so grateful that I was introduced to him – he is a great guy!"

The mentorship has been mutually beneficial. Canezin explains, "For me, the ACP program has been about more than just mentoring. I have had the pleasure of making a personal connection with my mentees and I regard them as life long friends. We discuss both professional and personal issues. Trust and mutual respect are key ingredients to a successful mentoring relationship.

Since 2010, Harvard Mentors like Canezin have been an invaluable part of ACP's program. Their investment is a lasting one, which not only helps our nation's veterans in their transition today, but also endows professional and life skills that serve them for years to come.

If you are interested in participating with ACP, visit www.acp-advisornet.org.

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