Deployed Marines Have an Education Option

 Program Details:
  • Courses are paid at 100 percent of the cost of tuition per current TA policy, using tuition assistance funds. 
  • Initial Tuition Assistance forms and registrations must be completed, approved, and given to the Education Officer before the deployment date.
  • Payment for courses is due the first night of class. 
  • Two-week late registration allowed on ship at MCAS Cherry Point. 
  • Books are rented for $10 per book at Camp Pendleton. 
  • Books are ordered, purchased, and received before deployment at Cherry Point. 
  • Class sessions are flexible according to operational tempo. In an emergency situation, classes can be stopped immediately.

In addition, the Military Academic Skills Program (MASP) can be provided afloat under its current education services agreement.  The Military Academic Skills Program improves the competencies of active-duty enlisted personnel in the academic skills of reading, communication/writing, and mathematics. In turn, Marines will be better prepared to retake the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) and to perform their mission.  General eligibility and target populations for MASP include:

  • Enlisted personnel with a General Technical (GT) score of 99 or below.  
  • Enlisted personnel who score below 10.2 on the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE)  
  • Enlisted personnel referred by Commanding Officers to improve work performance.  
  • Self-referral for career, professional and personal development.

For more information on MASP and your eligibility requirements, contact your Lifelong Learning Center to sign up.

To learn more about the Marine Corps Lifelong Learning program, visit our Marine Corps Education Programs page.

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