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If you are like most Americans, you started a degree program and had to stop - because of kids, jobs, duty, PCS, etc. - and never went back. In fact, almost 60 percent of students that attend public universities do not complete their degrees within five years, if at all, reports However, thanks to many online programs, it's not too late to get your degree.

Online education has made getting your degree more accessible. Unlike traditional classroom courses, online courses allow you the ability to take college classes when and where you'd like. What's more, since online classes are not subject to classroom and professor scheduling, they can be offered year round and in many cases enrollment is every five to eight weeks, which allows you to take more courses over a given period than you would if you were attending a traditional university.

Online courses are offered through a number of venues. Several dedicated online schools allow you to enroll from anywhere, as long as you have Internet access. Online programs also are available through traditional universities - such as Penn State - that provide the flexibility of taking traditional courses when you can. 

In addition, online courses offer more than general education requirements. Many traditional universities offer upper division as well as post-graduate courses. And, dedicated online universities offer complete undergrad and graduate degree programs in a wide variety of subjects.

So if you're ready to finish your degree, take a look at online schooling. It's faster and more flexible than traditional schooling and it's available year round.

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