Education Equals Promotion While In the Military


The military offers enlisted servicemembers incentives for using their education benefits. For example the Army rewards Soldiers by giving them up to 100 points toward their promotions. The Marine Corps grants up to 75 points toward promotions and  the Navy awards advancement points to Sailors who have earned their degrees.

Although the Air Force and Coast Guard don't grant points toward promotion, a servicemember's education level is taken into consideration for promotion boards and special assignments. Having a degree can make the difference when it comes to getting that dream assignment or promotion.

The Bottom Line If you are currently serving on active-duty, and you have not started taking college classes, you are missing out on one of the greatest opportunities you will ever have - an employer that:

  • Offers you Tuition Assistance.
  • Gives you access to computers and the internet for studying.
  • Pays for Credit-by-Exam tests.
  • Hires professors to teach on-board ship or on deployment.
  • Has education support systems.
  • Provides counseling (Education Service Officers).
  • Gives you points toward promotion or advancement for taking advantage of education benefits.

In the end it is up to you. Do you want to use your military education benefits to increase your rank, expand your career options and be ready to transition when the time comes? Or are you happy with the status quo? Your call.

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