TA DECIDE Website Helps You Find Best Schools


Are you a military member using tuition assistance (TA) to further your education? Have you wondered which school to attend? Which school offers the best degree program to fit your needs? Wondered if your school of choice is reputable? Well, help finding the answers to those questions is just a click away!

Last year, DOD launched an information and comparison tool called TA DECIDE that gives you access to essential information about schools.

TA DECIDE allows you to search for schools using multiple parameters, and then compare the schools that fall within those parameters. For example, if you are interested in an associate degree in cybersecurity, you can search by those filters and come up with schools that meet the criteria they see as important. You can search by:

  • State/Territory
  • Accreditation Type
  • School Type
  • Learning Method
  • Program
  • Degree Level

TA DECIDE is intended to empower servicemembers, who differ from the general population in that the vast majority are full-time warriors/part-time students. TA DECIDE provides you the information needed to make informed educational choices based on the experiences of other students just like you. This tool leverages similar tools and data sets developed by other agencies, incorporating not only lessons learned by those agencies, but also taking data feeds directly from them. Uniquely, this tool also separates out information that is exclusive to the experience of TA participants and reports relevant comparisons to that demographic.

Some of the information that is available on the TA DECIDE tool includes:

  • total enrollment of the college
  • number of students receiving Tuition Assistance
  • number of students receiving the Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • percentage of Tuition Assistance recipients who graduate
  • percentage of all students who graduate
  • financial aid information
  • cost of attending
  • all degree programs offered
  • number of complaints received by DoD and the VA

You can also use the TA DECIDE tool to compare schools and gain valuable information about them while planning your education. The information provided can be useful to all students, not just those using Tuition Assistance. The TA DECIDE tool compiles the data available from many different government agencies and provides users with an easy to understand detailed information resource that can be used as part of your school research and planning.

For more information visit the TA DECIDE website http://dodmou.com/TADECIDE/.

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