GI Bill Cracks Down On Licensing And Certification Testing

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The VA will begin cracking down on schools and associations that offer licenses and certification testing programs to GI Bill recipients.

As part of the "Jeff Miller and Richard Blumenthal Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2016" which was signed into law on December 16 the VA is now required to ensure that all licensing and certification tests paid for by the GI Bill meet minimum standards and are approved by state agencies. This is in line with the recent government strengthening of oversight on private schools and education programs.

Under the GI Bill Licensing and Certification program the VA can reimburse you for specifically approved licensing and certification tests. VA can only pay you for the cost of the tests, not any other fees connected with obtaining a license or certification. See our GI Bill License and Certification Program page for more details.

The licensing and certification program allows GI Bill recipients to get professional licenses and certifications such as:

  • Real estate license
  • Maritime license
  • CDL license
  • Nursing certifications
  • Project management certification
  • Paralegal certificate

Under the new law both accredited and non-accredited license or certification programs must meet state training requirements before the programs will be approved for the GI Bill. Also, employment certification programs are required for an occupation that requires approval or licensure now must be approved or licensed by the respective state board or agency of the state, before that program will be approved for the GI Bill.

In plain English that means all current license and certification programs must be approved by the state where they are given before the GI Bill will pay for them. Also, if you must have a license before you get a job, for example realtor, paralegal, etc. that licensing agency (state realtor board, state bar association, etc.) as well as the state education department must approve the training program before the GI Bill will pay for it.

The law only applies to people who enroll in a license or certification program after December 16, 2016, all current enrollees will be able to finish their education program.


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