University of Phoenix Reinstated for Tuition Assistance

James Forrestal

Military members wishing to use their Tuition Assistance at the University of Phoenix are back in luck.

The Department of Defense has lifted its suspension of the University of Phoenix today. That means that military members will once again be able to use their tuition assistance benefits to pay for classes at the online institution.

In October the Department of Defense announced that the university "had been placed on probationary status in respect of its participation in the DoD Tuition Assistance Program for active duty military personnel".

The DoD cited the following issues leading to the October probation:

  • The issuing of “challenge coins” which had the University of Phoenix logo on one side and trademarked DoD and specific military branch seals on the other which gave the impression of official government support of the University
  • The Federal Trade Commission investigation into advertising, marketing, and sale of secondary or postsecondary educational products or services or educational accreditation products or services; and
  • The Investigative Subpoena issued by the California Attorney General’s office in August 2015 seeking information relating to recruiting of U.S. military and California National Guard personnel and related matters and the use of U.S. military logos and emblems in marketing.

Apparently, after a a 3 month review the Department of Defense determined that either the conditions leading to the suspension were unwarranted or they had been cleared up. The DoD did say that the University would undergo a "heightened compliance review" for one year.

DoD's suspension of the University of Phoenix had no effect on those using their GI Bill at the school, and the Department of Veterans Affairs has taken no actions against the university.

Many for-profit universities have come under heightened scrutiny from Congress recently due to revelations that billions of taxpayer dollars are going to these schools through the GI Bill, Tuition Assistance, and Department of Education Loans and Grants.

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