Serving Smart: TAPS Introduces New Program Geared Towards Education

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The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors also known as TAPS recently announced a new program for military families in accessing education benefits and scholarships.

The new program will offer expert support at TAPS to assist surviving military families one-on-one, an online portal to assist in identifying private, state and federal benefits military families may be eligible for, a printed quick series guide, partnerships with the Department of Veterans Affairs of America to assist survivors and personalized higher education financial planning for military families of fallen service members.

A variety of private scholarships and education benefits exist for families of fallen military but many survivors are unaware of many benefits available to them.  The lack of insight on benefits leads to a struggle for many families to pay for a higher education. Many may go without knowing that benefits are offered in 45 states for families of fallen service members.  Additionally, due to the growing population of suicide, 31 states now offer benefits to children of service members who died from suicide.  TAPS' new educational program will be able to point out all of these benefits available and lead family members in the right direction.

The new educational program is only a fraction what TAPS has to offer. Through volunteers and staff the TAPS program offers care and advice 24 hours a day for families of fallen service members.  The program reaches out to families of fallen service members through an established peer mentoring network, online live chat programs, in-person care groups and online support groups that are confidential.  Survivors are also able to connect in-person with others through TAPS grief seminars and retreats for adults and children.

TAPS has provided these programs at no cost to more than 50,000 surviving military members. The assistance TAPS provides reflects their overall mission of providing ongoing per-based emotional support to anyone who is grieving the death of someone who died while serving in the Armed Forces. Through TAPS, survivors are brought together with others who have experienced a similar loss and are given comfort, healing and hope.

For 24/7 support and information, you can call TAPS' toll-free hotline at: 1-800-959-TAPS (8277)

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