Apply by September: Marine Reserve Education


Marine Forces Reserve -- Marine Administrative Message 264/14 announced the Academic Year 2015-16 Reserve Officer Professional Military Education Board, which convenes September 22, to select attendees for full-length schools (FLS), staff-training courses and the Distance Education Program. Officers are encouraged to apply; the deadline for applications is September 3, and final selections will be made by Reserve Affairs Personnel Management Branch.

Mobilized officers are eligible to apply but must end current mobilization orders 15 days prior to start of FLS, if selected. Active reserve officers with the grade of lieutenant colonel, lieutenant colonel select, major, major select, captain and captain select, with two years-time on station and not having failed selection for promotion to the next higher grade, will be automatically screened for consideration to attend FLS.

The number of selectees will be determined by the number of seats available. The board will also select a sufficient number of officers as alternates to meet the requirements when officers decline or otherwise cannot accept. Once the board results are approved, primary selectees will be announced via MARADMIN.

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