Education Center Advises Marines on TA

Marines in class at their desks listening to a lecture.

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION CHERRY POINT, N.C. -- The Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Education Center continues to equip Marines with the tools for success, despite cutbacks due to budgetary constraints. 

The Marine Corps Tuition Assistance program continues to receive and process applications for Tuition Assistance.

Eligible students can receive Tuition Assistance quarterly for online and in-class courses, covering a variety of degrees and certifications. 

Tuition assistance for Marines is not guaranteed, according to Teresa H. Allen, the education officer with Cherry Point's Marine Corps Community Services. Each Marine applying for Tuition Assistance must meet specific criteria to qualify.

"The Marine has to be on duty for two years, they have to be in good standing, [and meet] everything that's in [MARADMIN 611/13]," said Allen, referring to the most recent Tuition Assistance guidelines. "They have to make sure they haven't gotten in trouble, their command supports them, they have completed [the College 101 course] and that their classes do not overlap."

The Education Center can currently approve Tuition Assistance for up to two courses at a time based on the student's academic standing, according to Allen. However, the Education Center's main goal is to assist Marines in making decisions that will help them maintain the highest grade point average. 

Allen advises Marines to remain an advocate of their own education and to remain aware of additional funding besides tuition assistance.

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