CONUS DSST Paper-Based Testing at an End

Soldier hunching during a test.

Prometric has discontinued paper-based DSST testing for CONUS. The decision to eliminate paper-based exams is based on a steady decline of test volumes and the ongoing initiative to provide testing alternatives at fully funded National Testing Centers (NTCs). Service members utilizing computer-based exams are able to access all 38 DSST exam titles and can see exam results upon completion. The Principles of Public Speaking exam is also delivered in a much more efficient manner and scoring time has been cut in half. Prometric will continue to encourage academic institutions to assist with this effort.

All paper-based DSST exams, administered and used, should have been postmarked back to the testing agency by Sept. 6, 2013. This includes the Principles of Public Speaking exam. The final date for Prometric to score exams was Sept. 30; any exams received after then will not be scored and will not be funded by DANTES.

Service members can utilize on-campus and base-sponsored NTCs. The on-campus NTCs are located inside a university or college campus. These test centers agree to test any examinee that pays the non-refundable advance registration fee. DANTES will fund the examination fee. DANTES, along with Prometric, is currently working to get as many on-campus NTCs on board to accept the negotiated registration fee, but this initiative will take time. To find a testing location, please visit

A growing number of military installations have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NTCs to provide testing through their on-base education centers. Currently, this option is available at more than 191 installations worldwide. Testing is free to eligible military and a select group of civilian personnel. DANTES funds both the test fee and the administration fee at base-sponsored test centers. Service members can check with local education centers to see if this option is available. For more information, contact the DANTES Exams Program at

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