Free SAT/ACT Prep Software Now Online

SAT Test and eKnowledge are giving servicemembers, veterans and their families $250 SAT and ACT test prep programs for just the cost of providing the programs (under $20). The fee covers everything, including: materials, shipping, student support, and streaming.  You may request your programs at:

The Donation Project is in alliance with the Department of Defense and supported by over 100 Partners including NFL and MLB players. eKnowledge has donated over 200,000 SAT and ACT programs valued over $43 million – no profit is created by the donation effort and all proceeds are reinvested to improve the program.

“I believe in using my gifts and public image to help the Military community,” said Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves six-time All-Star and future Hall of Fame baseball player.

The following is one of the hundreds of thank you notes we have received from Military families:

“Thank you for supporting this program.  I have 2 children who have used this program and are currently in college.  Your support has and will continue to help my children achieve their potential.  Thanks again.”  P.M., CAPT, USN

The SAT and ACT PowerPrep™ Programs are available online or on a single DVD.  Programs include more than 11 hours of video instruction and 3000 files of supplemental test prep material, thousands of interactive diagnostic tools, sample questions, and practice tests Students select the training they need and study at their own pace.

The programs are available to all Service Members who are active duty, retired, Veterans, Guard, Reserve, DOD employees, Contractors and Civilians performing Military support.  Also eligible are relatives and dependants of anyone who otherwise qualifies from the prior list.

Request your donated programs online at: or call: 951-256-4076.

The SAT/ACT Project waives 100% of the retail cost ($200 to $250) of all STANDARD version programs and up to 93% of all other programs and services (up to $1,575).  For Standard Programs there is a nominal per program, student fee of under $20 for materials, shipping or streaming.

For further information contact Lori Caputo, 951-256-4076

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