2013 CCME Military Education Awards

CCME 40th Anniversary

CCME recently presented to the following 2013 achievement awards at the annual meeting of the Council of College and Military Educators in San Diego, California:

CCME JOHN BRIAN SERVICE AND LEADERSHIP AWARD – Presented an individual who demonstrates dedication and leadership in providing quality voluntary off-duty education programs at his/her military installation.

Awarded to Ms. Donna Duellberg, Pacific Regional Director U.S. Coast Guard

CCME WILLIAM E. KENNEDY AWARD -  Presented to an employee of an organization offering a program of instruction at one or more military installations for outstanding service to military personnel.

Awarded to Ms. Kirsten Savage, Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)

CCME LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Presented to individuals who demonstrate dedication and leadership in the delivery of quality education programs to the military over the course of their careers.Awarded to: Ms. Susan McIntosh retired ESO U.S. Marine Corps Ms. Ramona McAfee, Retired Director of Military Programs Columbia College

CCME INSTITUTION AWARD – Presented to an institution for dedication and leadership in supporting quality voluntary off-duty education to the armed services

Awarded to State University of New York, Empire State College.

CCME BARRY COBB AWARD  - Presented to a governmental organization that demonstrates dedication and leadership by providing quality voluntary off-duty education programs or services. 

Awarded to Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base

CCME PRESIDENT’S AWARD  - Presented to the individual who has made a significant contribution that has advanced the cause of military education.

Awarded to Ms. Bonnie Orvick, Retired Military Programs Director Vincennes University

CCME is an organization of institutions of higher education, and military, government personnel dedicated to the advancement of educational opportunities for members of the United States Armed Forces and their families. Each year CCME hosts a conference on military education with over 1000 participants from the American higher education and military communities. Join us at the 2014CCME Symposium 10-13 February 2014, Savannah, and Ga. For more information go to: www.ccmeonline.org

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