Kohl's Military Discount Gets Better Through Veterans Day Weekend

Kohl's military veteran discount

If you're a Kohl's lover, you're probably already a fan of its Kohl's Cash system, coupons and "military Mondays" Kohl's military discount program, in which it gives military members, veterans and their families 15% off every Monday. 

But now the store is sweetening the deal -- and not just for Veterans Day on Saturday, Nov. 11, officials announced today in a news release. 

Khol's Military Discount for Veterans Day

Starting Friday, Nov. 10, and running through Sunday, Nov. 12, Kohl's plans to double its regular military discount and give veterans, active-duty members and their families 30% off in stores nationwide.

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Kohl's plan pairs with Target's veteran and military shoppers 10% discount, which is available Oct. 29 through Nov. 11 in store and online.

Unlike Kohl's, however, Target shoppers are asked to register via their Circle program for a specific coupon to use at the store. Target also does not offer a military discount year round, instead giving it around both Veterans Day and July 4.

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