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Dollar Shave Club: Five Dollars, Five Stars

Dollar Shave Club: First box

“You should be neat, clean, and presentable at all times… Beards are not permitted except when medically authorized, and then only until the problem clears up. If you wear a mustache, keep it trimmed and neat. Don’t grow your mustache below the top line of your upper lip and do not allow it to extend more than 1/4 inch beyond the corners of your mouth.”— Excerpt from Blue Jacket Manual, distributed at US Navy Reserves Bootcamp

Most guys get to wake up in the morning, debate a shave, and then go to work sporting some hipster stubble. But when you’re out the door by 0500 and still need to be in regs at 1700, that morning shave isn’t optional. The only thing that’s optional is how you do it.

Consider your average razor selection at the Exchange. You have two choices: cut your face open razors, and spend all your money razors. The options for women were the same: cut your skin with a cheap, pink razor, or cut your skin with an expensive, pastel-colored razor with an aloe strip that, theoretically, helps calm down that raw shave.

I had been using one of those: A needlessly pink razor that purported to never nick (lies) and overpriced shaving cream that left the bathroom smelling like the perfume area at a department store, and my husband had been mentally tallying and growing frustrated over the drug store costs to keep his facial hair within standards. (Those double shave days - when he would leave for work at 0500 clean shaven and still need to be clean-shaven 12 hours later - add up.)

That’s why when we saw a friend raving on Facebook about Dollar Shave Club, we figured we’d give it a shot. Five dollars for a razor, four cartridges, and shaving cream? We’re in.

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He thought trying DSC was worth a shot on finances alone. I was just excited to have someone deliver new cartridges to my door so I didn’t find myself shaving with a four week old blade — again.

Our first box arrived four days after we signed up. Included was a sturdy razor handle, a full cassette of four cartridges, and Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter. We were immediately impressed.

Dollar Shave Club: Shave tools unboxed

The Executive Razor handle is heavy weight aluminum with a rubber grip, making it more comfortable to shave with than the ones we’d been paying three times more for at a retail store. The Executive features a six-blade cartridge with a trimmer edge, perfect for your face, body, and even trimming around your ears if you’re a few days shy of a haircut. On the razor alone, you can’t beat DSC: you can spend three times the price and have to remember to go to the store to buy new blades, or you can let DSC deliver them straight to your door. Error proof.

Dollar Shave Club: Shave butter

For anyone that spends any time in the field, the best part of DSC is Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter. The Shave Butter is packaged in a lightweight, easy-to-pack plastic container, which makes it easier to take with you than a can of shaving cream. The Shave Butter goes on easily and doesn’t require a lot of lather or even warm water, so it’s easier to use in the field than shaving cream.

Dollar Shave Club: A man mid-shave

The combination of the six-blade Executive Razor and Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter results in a perfectly smooth, gentle shave every time. DSC also offers a four-blade and two-blade option, as well as a variety of other skincare products that you can get regularly delivered right to your front door. For a limited time, new members can get their first month of the Executive Razor for ONLY $5 and with FREE shipping. You’ll get that awesome razor handle, a full cassette of 4 six-blade cartridges, and a tube of the Shave Butter. No hidden fees, no commitments, and you can cancel at any time. You can even set the regularity of your order in case you need blades more or less often.

If you’re PCSing, you don’t even have to worry about missing a shipment. We changed our address a week before our box was supposed to mail and it arrived at our new duty station the same day we did. They can even ship your box with the same regularity if you’re OCONUS or deployed: As long as it’s going to an AFO/FPO/DPO address, DSC can get it there. Keeping your hair in regs has never felt so good - or been so easy.

Never miss a shave. Never miss a shipment.

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