Russia Releases Photos of its Submarine Fleet


Russia SubmarinesThe Russian Defense Ministry released photos of a cargo ship transporting two of its nuclear-powered attack submarines in a pretty stunning set of photos.

Russia is transporting the Bratsk and the Samara Akula II-class submarines from Kamchatka to Severodvinsk where both are set to receive massive modernization upgrades at the Zvezdochka shipyard. The submarines will be ferried by the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet  along Russia's frigid northern coast before it is set to arrive Sept. 20.

The release of the photos along with an update on the modernization of the Russian's highly-secretive submarine fleet is what sticks out. RT was the first to publish the photos. 

The Bratsk was commissioned in 1989 and has since been assigned to the Pacific fleet. Samara is also assigned to the Pacific fleet. It is a bit younger, commissioned in 1995.

Russian Submarine 2Russian Submarine 3

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