Land Warrior Hits the Silver Screen


Land Warrior has been on a slow boil for years and has undergone several changes since its inception.

I've written extensively on the program and visited the Army's 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment in Iraq in 2008 which was testing the latest version of the system. There's some good, some bad but clearly the information superiority offered by something like Land Warrior is a net plus.

But let the Soldiers themselves talk about it. Here's a great video documentary put together by PEO Soldier to flack the system. It's in three parts, so I'll post them throughout the week. But it's an extraordinarily well done documentary and tells both the story of this unit's deployment and the good and bad of the Land Warrior system.

Keep Up The Fire - Part 1 of 3 from PEO Soldier on Vimeo.

-- Christian

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