spidey.jpgYou'd figure that soldiers might be a little confused about whether Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld was really on their side, after he started holding their paychecks hostage. But Rummy knows just how to block out those nasty thoughts: by trotting out Spiderman and his costumed pals."Join Secretary Rumsfeld in welcoming Marvel Comics and special guests Spiderman and Captain America as they distribute the new Special Limited Edition of Marvel's Salute to Our Troops Comic Book," reads the announcement over at "Thursday 1:00 - 2:30 pm. Pentagon Main Concourse."Blast! Just missed it! Well, I'm sure there will be other chances, now that Marvel has "recently joined the Department of Defense's 'America Supports You' team," and put all those concerns to rest, once and for all.(snapshot via Wonkette)

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