Here Are the 73 Air Force Jobs Offering Big Reenlistment and Retention Bonuses

A Pararescue Airman assigned to the 31st Rescue Squadron waves to Kadena High School students from a 33rd Rescue Squadron HH-60G Pavehawk during a Month of the Military Child event on Kadena Air Base, Japan, April 11, 2024. (U.S. Air Force photo by Lt. Col. Raymond Geoffroy)
A Pararescue Airman assigned to the 31st Rescue Squadron waves to Kadena High School students from a 33rd Rescue Squadron HH-60G Pavehawk during a Month of the Military Child event on Kadena Air Base, Japan, April 11, 2024. (U.S. Air Force photo by Lt. Col. Raymond Geoffroy)

The Air Force is now offering even more money for troops to reenlist and stay in 73 of its toughest and most critical jobs.

These bonuses, which can range anywhere from $180,000 (an $80,000 increase from prior years) to $360,000 over the span of an airman's entire career, are for positions such as tactical air control party airman and explosive ordnance disposal to jobs in religious affairs or being a dental assistant.

The selective retention bonus "serves as a retention tool, targeting experienced enlisted personnel in critical career fields, particularly those with lower manning or retention rates. Additionally, specialties involving extensive initial skills training and stringent qualification requirements are considered," the Air Force said in a news release.

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The latest list of 73 Air Force specialty codes applicable for the new bonus is a major increase from the prior year's 51 eligible career fields. Airmen identified as being eligible last year are still eligible if their job remains on the list.

Service members can reenlist up to 12 months before the end of their current contracts. In addition to expanding the career list, the service also upped the service cap from six years (72 months) to eight years (96 months).

    "The change not only allows airmen to maximize the amount received from eligible retention bonuses, but also allows airmen in any AFSC flexibility in their reenlistment contract," the service said.

    Here are the 73 Air Force specialty codes, provided to on Wednesday, that are now eligible for the bonus:

    1. 1A1X3D - Special Mission Aviator (C-130J Loadmaster)
    2. 1A1X3E - Special Mission Aviator (HC-130J Loadmaster)
    3. 1A8X1G - Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst (Chinese)
    4. 1A8X1I - Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst (Russian)
    5. 1A8X1K - Airborne Cryptologic Language Analyst (Persian)
    6. 1B4X1 - Cyber Warfare Operations
    7. 1C1X1 - Air Traffic Control
    8. 1C3X1 - All-Domain Command and Control Operations
    9. 1C5X1 - Battle Management Operations
    10. 1C5X1D - Battle Management Operations (Weapons Director)
    11. 1D791 - Cyberspace Defense Operations, Superintendent
    12. 1D7X1M - Cyber Defense Operations (Mission Defense Activities)
    13. 1D7X1P - Cyber Defense Operations (Data Operations)
    14. 1D7X1Q - Cyber Defense Operations (Enterprise Operations)
    15. 1D7X1W - Cyber Defense Operations (Expeditionary Communications)
    16. 1D7X3C - Cable and Antennae Defense Operations (Cable and Antennae Operations)
    17. 1H0X1 - Aerospace Physiology
    18. 1N2X1A - Signal Intelligence (Electronic Non-Communications Analyst)
    19. 1N3X1G - Cryptologic Language Analyst (Chinese)
    20. 1N3X1I - Cryptologic Language Analyst (Russian)
    21. 1N3X1K - Cryptologic Language Analyst (Persian)
    22. 1N4X1A - Cyber Intelligence (Analysis)
    23. 1N8X1 - Targeting Analyst
    24. 1P0X1A - Aircrew Flight Equipment (Ejection Seat Aircraft)
    25. 1P0X1B - Aircrew Flight Equipment (Non-Ejection Seat Aircraft)
    26. 1T0X1 - Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape
    27. 1Z1X1 - Pararescue
    28. 1Z2X1 - Combat Control
    29. 1Z3X1 - Tactical Air Control Party
    30. 1Z4X1 - Special Reconnaissance
    31. 2A373 - Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman
    32. 2A3X5B - Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics (F-35)
    33. 2A3X5C - Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics (MQ-1/MQ-9/RQ-4)
    34. 2A375 - Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics Craftsman
    35. 2A377 - Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (5th Generation) Craftsman
    36. 2A378 - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman
    37. 2A3X8A - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance (MQ-1/MQ-9)
    38. 2A3X8B - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance (RQ-4)
    39. 2A5X1A - Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance (C-20/C-21/C-22/C-37/C-40/E-4/VC-25)
    40. 2A574 - Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance Craftsman
    41. 2A5X4C - Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance (KC-46)
    42. 2A5X4D - Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance (B-52)
    43. 2A5X4E - Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance (B-1)
    44. 2A5X4F - Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance (B-2)
    45. 2G0X1 - Logistics Plans
    46. 2M090 - Missile and Space System Maintenance
    47. 2M0X1X - Missile and Space System Electronic Maintenance
    48. 2M0X2 - Missile and Space System Maintenance
    49. 2M0X3 - Missile and Space Facilities
    50. 2W2X1 - Nuclear Weapons
    51. 3E5X1 - Engineering
    52. 3E8X1 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    53. 3F371 - Manpower
    54. 3P0X1A - Security Forces (Military Working Dog Handler)
    55. 3P0X1B - Security Forces (Combat Arms)
    56. 4C0X1 - Mental Health Service
    57. 4H0X1 - Respiratory Care Practitioner
    58. 4J0X2 - Physical Medicine
    59. 4J0X2A - Physical Medicine (Orthotic)
    60. 4N0X1C - Aerospace Medical Service (Independent Duty Medical Technician)
    61. 4N0X1D - Aerospace Medical Service (Allergy/Immunization Technician)
    62. 4N0X1F - Aerospace Medical Service (Flight and Operational Medicine)
    63. 4N0X1G - Aerospace Medical Service (Aeromedical Evacuation)
    64. 4N0X1H - Aerospace Medical Service (National Registry Paramedic)
    65. 4N1X1B - Surgical Technologist (Urology)
    66. 4N1X1C - Surgical Technologist (Orthopedics)
    67. 4N1X1D - Surgical Technologist (Otorhinolaryngology)
    68. 4P0X1 - Pharmacy
    69. 4R0X1A - Diagnostic Imaging (Nuclear Medicine)
    70. 4R0X1C - Diagnostic Imaging (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
    71. 4V0X1S - Ophthalmic (Ophthalmology)
    72. 4Y0X1H - Dental Assistant (Dental Hygienist)
    73. 5R0X1 - Religious Affairs

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