• C-37A

Manufacturer: Gulfstream

Services: USAF, USN, USCG  Propulsion: 2x BMW/Rolls Royce BR710A1-10 high bypass ratio turbofan engines  Speed: 600 mph Range: 6,300 miles Load: 12 passengers  Crew: Five

The C-37A is the military version of the civilian Gulfstream V executive jet and is used primarily for transporting government and Defense Department officials and their staffs.

The aircraft contains a modern flight management system with a worldwide satellite-based Global Positioning System. The C-37A is based upon the high-altitude, intercontinental Gulfstream V aircraft, capable of cruise operations from 41,000 to 51,000 feet. Features include enhanced weather radar, autopilot and an ultra modern heads up display for the pilot. Safety features include Enhanced Vision Systems that allows increased visibility in all weather environments. The aircraft is also equipped with both commercial and military communications equipment to provide secure and non-secure voice and data capability.

The aircraft has an executive compartment with accommodations for six passengers and a staff compartment with accommodations for eight passengers. A walk-in baggage area of 226 cubic feet is fully pressurized and accessible from the cabin.

The Coast Guard operates two long-range Gulfstream V as its principal Command and Control transport for travel by the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard Commandant, and other U.S. Officials. On solo flights, the C-37A can carry 12 passengers and a crew of four going Mach .80 at 51,000 feet cruising altitude, all with considerable fuel efficiency.

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